Elise ECO

Vigorous and stylish Elise ECO is a masterpiece for a long production development. The latest technique and a modern design meets in this heavy but smooth fireplace. Elise is an environmentally friendly choice.

Elise ECO

Let gentle warmth caress your toes

Latest Trends with Traditional Heating

The fire will create safety around itself when the burning process is pure. The fireplaces have been designed so that there is exactly the right amount of oxy-gen is available for burning, so that the wood will burn with a pure flame and thoroughly. An environmentally friendly fire in the fireplace provides a secure experience to admire the fire.

Technical data

Width 1150 mm
Depth 575 mm
Height approx. 1750 mm
Weight 1900 kg
Size of the glass door WxH: 670×450 mm

Fire Chamber

Depth 435 mm
Width 390 mm

Minimum Flue Size

3/4 bricks or Ø 150 mm
Extra layer 100 mm (approx. 110 kg)

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