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Heat Accumulative Fireplaces

Linnatule’s accumulative fireplaces produce heat for a long time and evenly. The fireplace consists of elements that can be installed on top of each other, which makes the fireplace a safe and durable purchase. The simple structure allows the fireplace to be modified with additional layers or shelves. You can choose the appearance of the fireplace from versatile mortar and tile options.

Modern and stylish fireplace doors give the fireplace a final look.

A storage fireplace is characterized by a large mass, so it must be installed on a reinforced foundation. The fireplace flue connection can be on top, on the side or behind the fireplace.

All reserve fireplaces can be supplied with separate replacement air via a pipe directly from the outside, in which case the pipe is brought under the fireplace. In this way, combustion uses the outside air, and the use of the fireplace does not interfere with ventilation.

A reserve fireplace is one of the most effective heating bill reducers. In the event of a power outage, it is a reliable backup heat source.

All fireplaces supplied by Linnatuli are CE approved.


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